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Adele Someone Like You

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:

„This song by Adele is so Beautiful and Sad at the same time. How she lost this guy and she is wishing him the best now, yet asking him not to forget what they shared!

It is my Favourite Adele song and I am glad it is getting the recognition it is receiving. I’m tired of the Silly POP Songs poisoning your ears. Thank you Adele and I want you to release „Make You Feel My Love” next, it is my 2nd fav.”

„Adele’s lyrics are painful for any of us who find that we are unable to get over a past relationship. Truly, her extensive vocal range makes her lyrics here shine even more forcefully, and they compel the listener to search deeply in his or her own soul.

Each verse is composed poetically, with subtle musical accompaniment from a piano primarily, which complements Adele’s voice with a soft hand”

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