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„I am a big Harry Potter fan and am no less than thrilled to pieces to finally own the complete set of books. (and in hardback no less) The books in this collector’s set are the same books (content, artwork, cover and all) that have been sold before individually.

Yet I’m somewhat disappointed, if not slightly disillusioned that the „special collectors case” was a huge letdown. Given the obvious fact that Harry is huge worldwide, it would had behooved the publishers to do right by this commemorative set and make the case out of engineered wood (at the very least!) Instead they opted for the cheaper route and decided to make it out of… drum roll please…. CARDBOARD!

I dunno, maybe I was expecting to much?! (sigh…) 5 stars for Harry & minus one for the presentation…”

„These are great books, and definitely worth having for the collector. This is not a review of the books, but a review of the price. You are getting ripped off if you pay over $200 for these books. You can buy this exact set on which is the british version of amazon for 120 pounds plus shipping (which at the exchange rate today is equal to $176 plus shipping). So please look at the website like i did and save yourself a whole lot of money. Buyer Beware of sellers like this trying to con you into thinking they are giving you a deal.”

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