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Most Helpful Customer Reviews:

„So, I’ve read other reviews about the album being somewhat boring and not what they expected. In my opinion they’re missing the point of the cd. First of all, don’t buy the mp3 download, you’re missing the context of the cd. 2nd of all, you’re missing an honest, beautiful, and sweet introduction in the album pamphlet by Mark Ronson.
It’s about context not just content, and if you’re a true Amy Winehouse fan you’ll appreciate the cd regardless. It may not be as „exciting” as Back to Black, but it is exactly what I expected, and I love it. I’m confident any honest fan will feel the same. Totally worth it”

„Wow! All this time I have slept on Amy Winehouse…How foolish was I to dismiss this wonderful voice due to the media madness and negativity surrounding her personal life and battles…Man! I love her vocals…She was a very talented artist…I hear a lot of mystery in here vocals…Her voice is hauntingly addictive…Half Time is so smooth…What a shame she is no longer with us…But she lives through her mesmerizing vocals..”

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